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Healthy Apps and Games for Kids Slideshow

Healthy Apps and Games for Kids Slideshow

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Soy Pals — The Soyfoods Council and United Soybean Board

In conjunction with the start of April, which is National Soy Foods Month, The Soyfoods Council and United Soybean Board released a free app aimed at teaching children how to make wise diet choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Players get to customize their own Soy Pal, then care for them , making sure to feed their pal when they get low on energy and give them their daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The players earn "Tofu Points" for maintaining healthy diet and exercise routines. Soy Pals is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Lunch Crunch 2 — Playnormous

In this online game created by Playnormous, players are asked to choose between the healthy and unhealthy lunch options cooked up by Chef Bleu, they also have to remove unhealthy side items from the lunch line and replace them with two fruits and vegetables before getting to Chef Bleu.

Big Fork Little Fork — Kraft New Services, Inc.

This app from Kraft Foods is aimed at both parents and children. For parents, Big Fork Little Fork offers family-friendly recipes and tips for how to teach children about healthy eating; for kids, the app includes an outer space game that teaches players about the food pyramid, and one that lets them get behind the deli counter to learn about measuring ingredients and serving hungry customers. This app is available for free and compatible with iPad and iPhone devices.

Smash Your Food — Food N’ Me

Winner of an Honorable Mention in Michelle Obama’s Apps for Healthy Kids competition, Smash Your Food teaches children to consider what’s actually in their favorite junk foods in a fun and totally unique way. Players choose a food and guess how much sugar, salt, and oil it contains. Then, they smash it and see how much of each the food actually has. The developers filmed real food being smashed, so children get to watch the action in full high-definition glory.

Happy Meal — McDonald’s

In coordination with the debut of the new-and-improved Happy Meal last month, McDonald's also revamped their Happy Meal web site to include a series of videos and games aimed at teaching children about the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet. New characters Jack and Janet help navigate players through Friend Planet, where they can participate in a number of games with nutritional messages and tips, and videos such as "I Crave My Fave" and "Fruit is Fun to Eat!" teach kids about why it’s so important to eat fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition Games — Nutrition Interactive

Nourish Interactive has an entire online arcade dedicated to games aimed at helping kids learn about food groups, balancing meals, nutrition vocabulary, and much more.

Apps for wellbeing

Whether it’s body or mind, we’ve grabbed some top apps and put them to the Healthy Kids road test.

Mind health

A free tool to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness and compassion. We think this app is very easy to use and like the quick meditations of around five minutes to get you back to earth feeling calm, cool and collected. We also love the idea that we have our own force field!

Smiling Mind is a free mindfulness meditation app for young people to help combat stress, improve focus and increase resilience. We love the calming and relaxing voice of this app and have to fight off falling into a relaxed sleep. It’s also very easy to use.

“We are what we repeatedly do.” This app is all about rewiring your brain by regularly practising awareness of the positive things in life. We like how easy it is to enter your ‘five good things’ and that you get a nudge to remind you to do your entry for the day just in case you forget.

This app is all about improving mood and energy levels in a six-week personalised program. It helps to improve the sleep/wake routine with daily goals to get you rolling out of bed quick smart. We all want a little more energy and this worked pretty well to get us up and out of bed on the double.

Body health

FoodSwitch gives you information on foods and tips to make healthier choices. It incorporates the Health Star Rating system and traffic light labels. We like that it helps you pick healthier versions of prepackaged foods with ease. You can also decide what you want to focus on – salt, energy, fat or sugar as well as gluten, which is great for those with coeliac disease.

That Sugar App is designed to help increase awareness and encourage healthier choices by showing the amount of ‘hidden’ sugars in prepackaged foods. A great one for awareness of sugar in food. We ran around the office scanning everything possible. It’s lots of fun and easy to use. Need we say more?

Learn about fruit and veggies as well as health facts and tips, while playing through different levels of the game. Although it’s for younger kids, we found this app addictive and fun to play. We like the nutrition facts and that it feels more fun than educational.

Exercise apps (there are LOTS of apps out there to track exercise, but our favourite two free apps are below)…

None of us are good at tracking how long we stretch for in the office when we’re all chatting. This app lets you know when the time is up and to move onto the next stretch.

Track your activity from walking, cycling to swimming and more. Map your activity with a GPS and find out how you compare with your friends. This is nice and easy with lots of statistics at the end of your exercise session to beat next time.

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Outdoor Games for the Grass: Backyard Gymnastics

What you need: A can of water-based athletic-field striping paint.

How to play: First, paint a straight, even stripe on a flat section of lawn to stand in for a balance beam. (A standard gymnastics beam is four inches wide by 16 feet long, if you&rsquore feeling fastidious.) Then challenge team members to perform a series of increasingly difficult maneuvers without straying from the stripe: walking backward hopping on one foot and doing cartwheels.

Bon Appetite Arcade

Kids will have fun with our &ldquoaim your fork&rdquo arcade game. To play, kids have to collect one food from each of the food groups and create a balanced meal. Let&rsquos see how many plates of food they can make before the time runs out. Each plate of food has to have one food from each of the food groups!

Chef Solus Cooking Academy Game

A virtual cooking class where children read a recipe and virtually add, mix, cook and decorate pancakes. To score an &ldquoA&rdquo in cooking class, children must follow the directions and choose healthier substitutions for a few items in the recipe. Kids must know basic measurements - cup, tablespoon and teaspoon.

Kevin's Build a Meal Game: (Kids Virtual Meal Planner)

Kids make a customized meal plan based on the USDA guidelines. The child will need to enter their age, gender and activity level (this has audio and &ldquogame help&rdquo if they need more guidance). Based on their information they are given their required calories and the servings by food group their body requires for a healthy balanced meal.
Kids go into a kitchen, cafeteria and grocery store and look into cabinets and open drawers to find the foods. Kevin will judge their meal and see how well they did making a healthy meal that has the right amount of servings from each of the food groups!

Nutrient Machine Madness

This is a fun game that promotes healthy foods to children high in certain vitamin and minerals. Children are given a specific nutrient and a list of foods that are high in that vitamin or mineral. Kids must beat the clock as they find the foods high in the nutrient required by the machine. Children learn about healthy foods and begin to associate vitamins and minerals with foods from the food groups.

Pyramid Panic Arcade

A fun arcade game that requires creating a balanced meal in order to score points. Kids will make Chef Solus jump, run and dodge the fatty foods and sugary foods while he tries to gather the foods from each of the food groups to make a balanced meal

Sandwich Games

We've got the games just like Mom used to make! Our Cooking Games will entertain you and teach you everything you need to know about the kitchen. There's no need for reservations because we've got a table waiting for you at our Restaurant Games! The best kind of pie is handmade and you'll find out exactly what you need for dough, sauce, and topping combinations in our Pizza Games, or make a five-course, five-star dinner for the whole family with our Meal Games!

If you've got more of a sweet-tooth, not to worry because we've got plenty of Ice Cream Games to satisfy your love for fudge! Or if you love Baking Games, we've got a whole list of Cake Games from carrot to cheese, pound to spice! If it has flour, eggs, and sugar, then we've got you covered!

With new recipes forming in kitchens all over the world, of course you can rely on us to deliver the latest recipes to you the way you want them with New Cooking Games collection coming out every week! We offer mouth-watering free cooking games in every category and flavor you could ever imagine! With all of the savory cooking games that we have, it's simple to adapt your own style and flair to each dish, and show off your new cooking skills. You choose what makes our most Popular Cooking Games list, so be sure to pick the most succulent games that all our fans can sample and enjoy.

So grab your spoon and spatula and start mixing, frying, and sauteing with Cooking Games!

The Best Fitness Apps for Kids

We've rounded up the best apps aimed at keeping kids (and parents!) active and moving, so pick one your family is sure to enjoy and start downloading.

Super Stretch Kids Yoga

This app includes animation and video instructions for 12 yoga poses. The blanket-wearing super hero "Super Stretch" offers encouragement and leads deep breathing. Kids can also take photos in their favorite poses. This app is perfect for introducing your littles to yoga.

Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine

With the motto "Think well to be well," the dog Wuf Shanti, based on a book and PBS series, leads kids through yoga poses with songs, videos, words of encouragement and positive thinking. It's another great option for young first-time yogis.

C-Fit Yoga

Originally designed for classroom use, C-Fit Yoga includes four 10-minute beginners yoga tutorials. The instructor includes modifications for kids who are less flexible or struggle with balance.

GoNoodle Kids

Also designed for classroom use, the GoNoodle Kids app and website have a variety of videos that encourage kids to move, jump, dance and spin. Some videos also have an educational component, such as a song that teaches an exercise concept.

Sworkit Kids

An adjunct to the popular adult app, Sworkit Kids features workouts that focus on strength, agility, flexibility and balance. Videos show each workout performed by kids. This app offers variety and keeps kids engaged.

NFL Play 60

Kids choose an avatar and then run, jump, spin and twist to move the character on screen. There are mini-challenges within the game, lots of NFL characters to choose from and chances to power-up your avatar with coins. Kids and parents alike give the game high reviews.

7 Minute Workout for Kids

This app is a high-intensity bodyweight workout with 30 seconds of exercise alternating with 10 seconds of rest. It features an animated girl or boy performing each exercise and easy to follow instructions.


Habitz encourages kids to make healthy choices, using a combination of stories, videos, workouts and rewards. Parents choose goals within the app, and kids earn Coinz as they work towards those goals. The app also includes Viki, the automated lifestyle coach who teaches kids about healthy lifestyle choices.


Fitivity is comprised of a suite of 450 fitness apps, including many specific to one sport or activity. There are workouts featuring kettlebells or medicine balls, shooting drills, speed and agility exercises and hip-hop dance, to name a few. If your teen is looking to improve in a sport or trying to find a new way to stay active, chances are Fitivity has an app they can use.


This app requires in-app purchases to access a greater variety of music, but for a music-focused teen, it might be worth it. FitRadio provides a wide variety of both music-based fitness activities, from Zumba to weightlifting and everything in-between. In-app purchases are required to access a larger music library, but this app is perfect for the teen who always has earbuds in.


Walkr converts the steps recorded by the phone's pedometer to energy that can be used to power a spaceship and explore the galaxy in this proprietary game. In the Walkr galaxy, players can go on missions and explore planets and is currently over 3 million players strong. Please note: Players can choose to join a fleet and connect with other users, and the game also includes an optional monthly subscription service.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club offers 180 free workouts for athletes of all levels. Users can choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced workouts as well as a wide variety of exercise types and lengths. Teens can use NTC to supplement single-sport training or as a home-based fitness plan.

Charity Miles

For the teen or adult who wants to exercise with a bigger purpose in mind, Charity Miles allows users to donate 10 to 25 cents per mile for biking, walking and running. Users select from a list of partner charities, and funds are donated by corporate sponsors.

Zombies, Run

Designed for teens 16 and up, this app narrates zombie apocalypse stories while users run. It's perfect for those who need a good storyline to keep them motivated. It also tracks basic analytics, such as mileage and time.

51 Summer Party Appetizers That Will Make Every BBQ And Picnic Better

These easy summer appetizers and recipes are app-solutely perfect for all your warm-weather fetes. Whether you want something fancy, boozy, or super simple, we've got options for everyone. Still hungry? Check out our summer salmon recipes and our favorite sangrias.

The most clever play on the classic French dish. This appetizer is the jam.

Pineapple salsa > all other salsas.

Mozz sticks are *always* the move.

We promise they're easier to whip up than you'd expect!

These *classy* skewers are the easy summer app you've been searching for.

The perfect summer appetizer.

No longer do you have to choose between pickles and fries.

Everything you love about eggplant Parm, melted together in one cheesy dip. (Extra credit for serving with grilled bread.)


Go, Slow, and Whoa! Flashcards (2.4 MB PDF)

These We Can! flashcards help you and your children learn about GO, SLOW, and WHOA foods to make healthier food choices.

Portion Distortion Quiz

This interactive two-part quiz from the NHLBI tests your knowledge about how today's portions compare to the portions available 20 years ago. It also tests your understanding of the amount of physical activity required to burn off the extra calories provided by today's portions.

Portion Distortion Slide Sets

The NHLBI offers these slide sets for public use. The slides can be downloaded for use in computer slide shows, conventional slide presentations, or for online viewing via the website.

Healthy Adventure Infographic (572 KB PDF)

This infographic illustrates some options that parents and caregivers have in the steps they can take to help their families be healthier.

Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide For Teenagers

A booklet from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases that is designed to help teenagers take small and simple steps to keep a healthy weight. It provides basic facts about nutrition and physical activity, and offers practical tools to use in everyday life, from reading food labels and selecting how much and what foods to eat, to replacing TV time with physical activities.

Tips for Teens with Diabetes: Make Healthy Food Choices

This tip sheets provide useful information about diabetes and encourage teens to make healthy food choices in order to better manage their disease for a long and healthy life.

Nutrition Websites for Kids

You'll find everything you need to teach your child about the importance of eating right: fun nutrition games for kids, interactive nutrition tools, and LOTS OF GREAT RESOURCES for parents and health and nutrition educators.

  • Nutrition education worksheets sheets to help children learn about the food pyramid, healthy eating and daily fitness.
  • Free food coloring pages that promote fruits and vegetables in a fun way.
  • Worksheets on nutrition and the food groups.
  • Food trackers.
  • Kids nutrition worksheets to help build vocabulary and promote healthy food facts.
  • Food label nutritional worksheets.
  • Crossword nutrition puzzles.

Food Champs: This is also one of my favorite food websites for kids. It's soooooo cute (who can resist smiling cartoon fruits and vegetables?!) and has online interactive games for kids 2-5 and 6-8, free downloadable food coloring pages, great kid recipes, and a number of nutrition activities for kids such as a supermarket scavenger hunt and a "fruit and veggie eater meter".

Smart Mouth: From the Center for Science in the Public Interest (think Nutrition Action Newsletter. if you don't know about it, you SHOULD) comes (in my opinion) one of the best nutrition websites for kids ( older middle school kids that is).

Fun to look at and filled with lots of great reliable (unusually smart) articles, recipes, nutrition tips, "hang-man" type game, downloadable food/health videos, ways to get involved on issues of interest (urge members of congress to support menu labeling, urge the President to support soft drink taxes, etc.), this is a "mini-me" version of the adult website. I think you'll quickly add it to your personal list of favorite nutrition websites for kids. Kids learn how the Food Guide Pyramid can make healthy eating simple. You can take a short animated tour to see inside the pyramid and find out what it all means.

BAM (Stands for B ody A nd M ind): Separate food fact from food fiction on this nutrition website for kids from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Get recipes, play a game about dining decisions, learn how to fuel for physical activity and how to pack power lunches. The website has info about exercise, disease, and safety as well.

Dole SuperKids: Another of the best nutrition websites for kids that emphasizes eating fruits and vegetables through fun recipes, games, puzzles, songs, and free food coloring pages.

4girls: Specifically for girls, this website has good nutrition information including what types of foods and how much of them to eat, healthy weight goals, info on bone health, how to eat healthy at fast-food restaurants, and guidance on vegetarian eating. 4 girls also provides reliable, useful information on the health issues girls face they become young women, and tips on handling relationships with family and friends, at school and at home.

Every Body Eats: This health website for kids has a really cute interactive game having to do with emotional eating. Many times kids (and adults too!) eat when they're not hungry but because they're bored, lonely, or upset. This interactive nutrition game helps teach children to eat in response to their hunger levels, not their emotions.

  • Recipes for Kids with Cystic Fibrosis
  • Recipes for Kids with Diabetes
  • Vegetarian Recipes
  • Recipes for Kids with Lactose Intolerance
  • Recipes for Kids with Celiac Disease Use gardening as a vehicle for encouraging your kids to make good food choices, augment classroom studies with experiential learning, and build a love of nature. This website explores gardening resources for family, teachers and beginner or experienced gardeners.

This list of credible nutrition websites for children should get you going in the right direction. I'm always adding more to the list when I find websites I like so bookmark this page and visit the site often for updates.

As a child care and early education provider, you have a powerful opportunity to teach kids to appreciate wholesome foods by using creative children’s activities about healthy eating. Children can have fun while learning about nutrition—whether it’s about the food groups or how food is grown.

You can create opportunities for learning about healthy food in many ways besides cooking and eating: you can use games, crafts, songs and dance. For instance, instead of playing the classic game “Candyland”, make up a life-size “Veggieland” game board.

With a little patience, creativity and guidance, getting children to appreciate wholesome foods can be a delicious adventure.

Exploring Food Together is a toolkit (available in English and Spanish) of simple healthy eating activities to help children learn about new foods and start building the skills to make healthy food choices. All of the toolkit activities were designed to integrate with overall curriculum objectives in early childhood education settings.

Grow It, Try It, Like It! Nutrition Education Kit Featuring MyPlate is a garden-themed nutrition education kit which features fun activities through an imaginary garden at Tasty Acres Farm. It also has a CD-ROM and DVD with supplemental information. Each set of lessons contains: hands-on activities, planting activities, nutrition education and recipes to try at home.

Harvest for Healthy Kids gives you everything you need to inspire children with fresh food grown close to home. Download eight classroom activities about specific food developed by teachers and early education providers. Featured food includes: asparagus, beets, berries, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes, winter root vegetables, and winter squash.

More Than Mud Pies (6th edition) provides both staff and children with enjoyable activities that encourage positive ideas about nutrition and foods. 54 lessons are built around the seasons of the year. Children will learn about growth, nutrition and preparation of foods.

Nourish Interactive is dedicated to supporting parents and caregivers by providing useful information to help educate children about the importance of good nutrition and exercise. Nourish Interactive characters such as Chef Solus are excited to share recipes, games and activities with kids. Children can also enjoy printables — puzzles, worksheets and learning sheets — which promote healthy living.

Sometime Anytime Foods: Providers can choose how to incorporate throughout their day: teaching, reminding and practicing identification of “sometime” and “anytime” foods.

Two Bite Club is an educational storybook (available in English and Spanish) developed to introduce MyPlate to young children. Read the book to children and encourage them to try foods from each food group by eating just two bites. Also contains a MyPlate coloring page, a blank certificate for the Two Bite Club, fun activity pages for kids, and Tips for Growing Healthy Eaters.

Digital media can support children’s learning when the games are interactive. Interactive games are designed to simultaneously teach and entertain your kids. Although our goal is to reduce screen time, it is important for providers and families to understand which types of digital media sources are beneficial for a child’s cognitive development. Below is a list of interactive nutritional games your kids will enjoy.

KidsHealth Recipes for Groups (PDFs):

Lana’s Favorite Recipes: This cookbook is part of the Learning About Nutrition through Activities (LANA) Program. The goal of the LANA Program is to help young children learn to taste, eat and enjoy more fruits and vegetables in order to promote good health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Mealtime Makeovers: Meals that have kid appeal can deliver the vitamins and minerals that growing bodies need. Here are some simple tips for trimming the fats from kids’ favorite foods.

Family Child Care Tip:

Family-Style Dining

You can do family-style dining with mixed-age groups in your home. Have infants’ chairs placed around the table with the other children. Older children can model appropriate serving and eating behaviors. This builds confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Watch the videos Starting Family Dining: Part 1 and Part 2 to get more tips on family-style dining.

For Parents:

“Go, Slow, or Whoa”

Try thinking about foods in terms of “Go, Slow, or Whoa!” The healthiest foods are “go” foods they can be eaten anytime. Foods that are ok to eat sometimes are “slow” foods. Some unhealthy choices should make you stop, think and say, “Whoa! Should I eat that?”

Success Story:

Brenda’s Family Daycare, Georgia

Children are introduced to activities that teach them about nutrition, where food comes from and how food helps them to grow at Brenda’s Family Daycare in Decatur, Georgia. “We have gone together to the supermarket to see and touch fruits and vegetables, and then associate them with colors, shapes, sizes, taste and smell,” says owner Brenda Jackson. “For example, I bought a pineapple and had the children find a palm bush nearby that matched the leaves on the pineapple. After cutting it, the children enjoyed the color, taste and smell of the fruit.”

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