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Scarpetta Partners with CAMUS Cognac for Special Menu

Scarpetta Partners with CAMUS Cognac for Special Menu

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The new 5-course menu will only be offered this week and the next

Visitors to Scarpetta, chef Scott Conant’s very well-regarded Italian restaurant in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, might notice a little something different about the menu if they visit between March 24 and March 28, or between March 30 and April 4: the opportunity to order a special five-course prix fixe dinner that was designed in collaboration with CAMUS cognac. The menu is $85 with optional $50 wine and cognac pairings, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit City Harvest.

"The CAMUS name is synonymous with 150 years of excellence, so it was an honor to create a menu that not only could celebrate and be enjoyed with the cognac, but also give back to our community by helping City Harvest deliver food to our city's hungry," chef Conant told The Daily Meal.

The menu starts with a creamy chestnut soup, poured over shredded smoked guinea hen and root vegetables. It continues with black farfalle with lobster and basil breadcrumbs, which is followed up by prime sirloin of beef with creamy polenta and pickled root vegetables. A cheese course follows that, and the meal concludes with a chocolate-espresso semifreddo with malt crumble and fior di latte.

Wines including the famed Zymé "From Black to White" (a white wine which started out as an albino red) are served alongside the meal, and the cheese and dessert courses are paired with CAMUS Ile de Re "Double Matured" and VSOP Elegance, respectively. There’s also a special cocktail, which pairs the VSOP with champagne and violet liqueur.

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